Novak Djokovic: I am on the right path to rediscovering my best form

Novak Djokovic speaks to the media after his win over Albert Ramos-Vinolas in the first rubber of quarterfinal tie against Spain.

“It was probably my best service level in the last few months”

“My elbow is fine. The break I took did me good. Today, I served extremely well, it was probably my best service level in the last few months and that makes me very happy. At this level, it’s very important.

I played against an opponent who can be awkward if you give him time so I tried to not give him any. I am glad that I won a lot of points off my first serve, which allowed me to play more aggressively on his service games.  Overall I’m happy with my performance, which is very encouraging because I now know I am on the right path to rediscovering my best form.

“Today’s match shows that I can get back to winning ways”

 After being at the top for so long, it is normal for people to get used to and always expecting the best results from you – the title or the final. When you fail to deliver the results up to your standards – the people starts searching for culprits or things that did not work well. I accept constructive criticism and I’m grateful for that. I’m really grateful for the support of people. Of course, someone loves me, someone do not. I found it hard to accept that my results have dropped, but it is natural after being on top for the last six years and I have to accept it.

I’m trying to return to my best form and I have to believe that I’m on the right path. Today’s match shows that I can get back to winning ways and I’m sure the results will follow as a result of what you invest in training.

“Davis Cup should have a format similar to football world cup”

I’m talking about it for years, but I have kind of given up on that, because the ITF ignored all the requests, but yes, Davis Cup format should change. With all those ATP mandatory tournaments, it’s hard for top players to play Davis Cup every year. It’s difficult to adjust to different places and different time zones. Lets say, when you play US Open till the very end and a few days later you have to play Davis Cup, it’s not easy for the body to adjust to so many quick changes.

The quality of the Davis Cup is getting low and this is not something anyone wants. Very few Top-10 players are participating in Davis Cup.

I’ve heard rumors that there will be changes to the format – best of three sets instead of five sets and a tie will be only of two days instead of three, which is good.

 We should have a format similar to football world cup – the group stages and then the knockouts in a neutral venue. Such a format will attract more people. It would create a lot of buzz in those 10-12 days. I am sure that all the tennis players will play, because they love to play for their country as much as I do. I respect Davis Cup for its history and tradition. But it has lost its value. It should not be played throughout the year.

“If the team captain asks me to play doubles, I’ll be ready”

The good thing is that we have three options for tomorrow’s doubles and any one we pick can get the job done. If the team captain asks me to play, I’ll be ready, regardless of whether I play with Viktor or Nenad. With whom I would like to play? It is as if you asked me whether I prefer mom or dad (laughing).

“Stefan still little for live matches”

Stefan is still little to be brought for live matches. He probably watched me on television when he woke up after an afternoon nap.

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