Novak Djokovic: I Do Believe I Can Win Four Slams In A Row Again

Novak Djokovic spoke to the media after a practice session in Belgrade on Monday.

“I’m going to Shanghai on Thursday.”

“Earlier, I used to played Beijing and Shanghai in a row. In the last three months I have played many matches and after the US Open I did not have much time to rest, because I went to Chicago to play the Laver Cup, which has exhausted me a lot. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience and a unique concept, but emotionally, mentally and physically quite demanding. I just wanted to be a little in Serbia with my family, because we do not have the opportunity to be here often. Everything is fine, as well as nice weather and players who are here to train. There is Filip Krajinovic, Danilo Petrovic. There is also Ričardas Berankis, who is an excellent tennis player. The trainings are very good, I am satisfied with the way everything was progressing, so I decided with the team that it is better to stay here longer. I want to recover better and build a good base for Shanghai and for the end of the season. The training sessions are good, thanks to the tennis players who are here. It’s not easy to find quality players in Belgrade at all times of the year, especially in September, October, when a lot of tournaments are played, so all the best Serbian players are spread all over the world. I’m going to Shanghai on Thursday.”

“I did not wanted to skip Laver Cup because of respect for Federer”

“I wanted to play Beijing, because it was an opportunity to become No.1 in Shanghai. However, team members have decided that it is strategically better to skip it. If I played well and won in Beijing, the tiredness would catch me somewhere. I am like everyone else The US Open was physically and mentally very demanding. When you win a Grand Slam, it’s like winning Mt. Everest, and after that, you have to have some break in order to gain new strength for new hikes. Beijing was too close. I did not wanted to skip Laver Cup because of respect for Federer and I do not regret it.”

“I don’t see the end around the corner”

“It’s hard to choose one moment, but if I had to choose, it’s a moment after losing in Roland Garros, when I took four, five days with my wife and went to hiking and stayed in nature. After that, everything went well. I played Queens Finals, won Wimbledon, Cincinnati, US Open and it’s a big run. I am grateful for this, because in the first few months after the operation, I had difficulty on the court. I had to make some adjustments, especially the service. I changed the racket at the end of last year. When you lose more matches than you win, and when you change the racket and the team, then you are wondering if all of these moves are correct and you have dilemmas. This experience is important to me because it allowed me to learn much more about myself, as well as to learn to deal with these situations. I will carry these experiences until the end of my career.

“I don’t see the end around the corner. I have desires to play tennis at the top level. Part of me knew I’d be back. Although, I do not like coming back, I like to create a new one. I knew that I would achieve great success, that I would again be in a position to win Grand Slams again. When I reunited with an old-new team, with Vajda and Gebhard, we started working on long-term plans. In March, we made a strategic plan to reach the peak of the form around the US Open, however, fortunately for all of us, it came in the grass. Everything is going well and because of these results, I put myself in the position to fight for the “number one” by the end of the year, which, if someone told me in May of this year, I would not believe it. On the other hand, part of me believed that I could go back, it was only necessary for me to accept the situation and learn to be patient.”


“I do believe I can repeat four slams in a row again”

“I have confidence. It’s some old-new self-confidence. Each season is a new site and a new challenge. I am a different player and person, than I was three years ago. I know that everyone wants to use the 2015 parameter as a benchmark for all the other seasons and to ask if it’s possible to repeat something like that… four in a row. Do I believe that I can repeat that success? Of course I believe, otherwise I would not play tennis.”

“I might play in Vienna or Basel”

“I leave open the possibility of playing a tournament in Vienna or Basel before Paris, but I have not yet registered. I need to see if the organizers will give me an invitation, if I decide to participate. Still, I’m thinking about Shanghai now and I’m hoping to do the best I can.”

“We have not discussed about our partnership for the next season”

“We are working until the end of the season (with Marian Vajda and Gebhard Phil-Gritsch), and we have not talked about the next season. We want to get the most out of this season, we don’t want too much thoughts going ahead.”


‘The Laver Cup Experience Was Unique”

“It was an unique experience because at the moment in tennis only the Laver Cup can unite Nadal, Federer, me, Zverev, Murray … to be in the same team. And that was a great excitement for both me and Roger, but also all the fans of tennis because you never saw us on the same side of the net, so I was really delighted to play with him. He is very dedicated to the Laver Cup, because it is part of his competition and he is a founder of this. He wants Europe to win. See how much energy he has invested in it. We look at him with great respect and we respect him. We are aware of the weight of this competition, although many say it is an exhibition. The concept is good and innovative.”

“There will be no change in my rivarly with Federer”

“As for Federer and his rivalry with me, there will be no change. Both he and I have pointed out to the media in America that this will strengthen our relationship. We had the opportunity to meet one another as never before and, of course, have even more respect for him because I have managed to get him a little bit familiar. I saw him practicing, how he warmed up, how he got ready for the match.

“But the Laver Cup will not affect our rivalry. This rivalry has contributed to the great popularization of this sport in the world, as well as to my rivalry with Nadal and each other, and this is something that people are looking forward to whenever we enter a tournament and these are the matches you want to see and there nothing will change “


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