Novak Djokovic Interview To MatchTV

Excerpt from Novak Djokovic’s recent interview to матч тв (MatchTV) during Davis Cup tie between Serbia and Russia.

On playing in Davis Cup:

“In tennis, you play almost always only for yourself. But one week when there is Davis Cup, you represent your team, your country. This is a special emotion because you can fully feel the team spirit. The wonderful atmosphere here gives you great confidence for the remainder of the season, for your individual tournaments. I don’t live in Serbia from last seven or eight years. Constantly on the move. The ability to spend time with fellow team mates and my family is very valuable to me,” Djokovic said.

On birth of his child:

“Birth of my child? It is the best thing that has happened to me and my wife. He is a true gift to us. I feel great joy and happiness to see him grow. I am very lucky to experience this in my life. I now have an extra incentive to stay and play this sport, – said Djokovic

On Maria Sharapova:

“We have always had a great relationship. She is a great friend of mine. I respect her so much. She is an athlete who constantly keeps on improving. I’m sorry about what happened to her. She haven’t played from over a year, but I saw her a few times, I’m glad that she is happy, smiling a lot and can enjoy life without tennis. I’m very pleased to hear that she will return very soon on tour. I wish her all the best and hope that she will become the number one in the world again, because she deserves it,” Djokovic said.

On Daniil Medvedev:

“Daniil is a great guy. We practiced a few times, when we were in Monte Carlo, and then together flew to Serbia for our Davis Cup match. He is a great man and a great sparring partner. He is very talented and hard working and knows what he wants. Its nice to see a player of his age already reach an ATP final (in Chennai this year). He is very young and I congratulate him on his progress and I believe that he has a great future,” Djokovic said.

On losing to Denis Istomin in Australian Open 2017:

“I had a great start to the season in Doha but then I lost to Istomin in Melbourne, who displayed stunning tennis and deserves all the applause. But again its a sport and anything can happen on any given day. On the other side, I try to take the positives out of this. It will be a long season so I hope to be healthy and fine,” Djokovic said.

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